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Successful Myspace Strategies
Using MySpace effectively Social networking is a phenomenon that seems recent on the internet with sites likie ecademy, linkedin, ryze, openbc, orkut, craigslist, friendster, and of course myspace. But the nature of networking with others has been around for thousands of years as individuals gathered in communities and expanded their base of friends. It's through the technology advancements, though, that worldwide networking with people you choose is being made easier ever...

The Scoop On Student Credit Cards
Student credit cards are cards issued to college students and they provide young adults with an opportunity to begin building a good credit history. College credit cards are often marketed on college campuses through free giveaway promotions. Students are typically rewarded with free merchandise such as t-shirts, frisbees, and more for filling out an application. As far as the other details go, student creditcards aren't very different from any other credit card. The bigge...

Neither a borrower nor a lender be
Was Shakespeare right when he said "Neither A Borrower Or A Lender Be"? Does that view still seem to be valid today?




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