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Calculate the Cost of Chasing a Lead. Reduce it by Giving
Have you ever wondered what it would cost you to attract just one qualified lead? You may have lots of inquiries, but not all inquiries become customers. How then would an inquiry be upgraded to a qualified lead? This article examines the effect of gifts in the calculation of chasing a lead

Go With The Specialist Provider For Your Payment Protection Insurance
If you want the best deal along with the cheapest premiums then you have to go to a specialist payment protection provider for your payment protection insurance (PPI). Going with a specialist provider can save you a lot of money on the premiums and is also the best way to get all the vital information regarding the facts and exclusions of a policy. Payment protection insurance can give you the money you need each month to continue making your credit card or loan repayments...

Term Insurance
Term insurance is a level term life insurance product that pays out a lump sum when the insurance policyholder dies or becomes terminally ill. It provides peace of mind to the insurance policyholder that loved ones left behind after their death will be financially secure. Term life insurance can be configured to pay off all existing loans - including the mortgage - and leave a cash sum in the bank to support your spouse and children. If you don't want your family to have to c...





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