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How To Use A Secured Credit Card To Repair Your Credit
If you have ever had credit cards, paid a bill monthly, or obtained a loan, you have a credit rating. When you make payments to a creditor, they report these payments to credit reporting agencies that compile your credit report and track your credit history. If you miss a payment, or even worse, your debt gets sent to a collection agent, this affects your credit rating negatively, and may prevent you from obtaining more lines of credit when you need them in the future. As ...

What is a 1031 Exchange?
Many people who sell an investment property believe that federal capital gains from that sale must always be handed over to the IRS. This is not always the case. IRS Code Section 1031 offers investors the opportunity to reinvest federal capital gains from a sale if you swap that property for another…and it does not always have to be for ‘like property’ either! Instead, as an investor, you could have that money work for you rather than end up in the hands of the IRS. Further, you do not have to sell your property for the exact same type of property either!

Bad Credit Used Car Loans - 3 Tips For Getting An Auto Loan With Poor Credit
Getting a used car loan with bad credit is as easy as getting approved for a loan with good credit. Because automobile loans are collateral-based, many auto loan lenders approve loans to persons with bad credit. There are pros and cons to obtaining financing with bad credit. A primary disadvantage involves higher interest rates. However, there are ways to avoid paying more for a used vehicle financing. Here are a few tips to help you get approved. Consider Using a Co-Bo...




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