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How to Make Cold Calling Opportunities Out of Voice Mails - Turn voice mails into a cold calling journey of discovery!
Most people who still use the traditional cold calling mindset look at voicemail as a dead end. We avoid dealing with another person’s potential negative response to us and we avoid being challenged by the receptionist as well.

10 Common Homeowner Complaints
Ten problems every homeowner should be aware of…. and avoid.

Insider Tips To Horse Properties
Buying horse properties, especially your own horse is similar to buying a dog except that this pet can be very expensive. Quality horses aren't cheap. If you’re in the market for a horse, you might be checking out newspaper ads, equine forums on the Internet, your state’s agricultural bulletin, notices on tack and feed stores or livestock auctions – all in search of a good horse at a good price. Depending on the animal’s breeding, health, age, size and ability, a recreational...


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