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How Mentoring Programs Establish Self-Confidence
Mentoring programs establish the self-confidence and the self-assurance of a mentee who uses it as a tool for personal and professional development. There are certainly many benefits you can expect from joining a mentoring program because you will learn from someone who has the necessary experience to coach you on what you have to do. Some of the benefits of mentoring include:

Teacher Mentoring Defined: Uses, Advantages and Limitations
For many professionals, such as those involved in education and academics, mentoring is an important resource, particularly because it helps encourage new learnings and improve on established ones. Mentoring is a highly valued practice and it is a recognized method used by many educators for sharing information and knowledge. It is also a way for more senior members of the academe to train beginners, allowing protégés to be sponsored both professionally and organizationally.

Breaking the Ice: An Important Part of Mentoring
When mentoring is mentioned, what comes into anyone’s mind? It could be Socrates and Plato. Or it could be Jesus the Christ and his disciples. Whether these men used ‘ice breakers’ to make their students feel at ease, we would never know. But for sure, ice breaking exercises open doors for both mentor and student relationship or student to student relationship.




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