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Why Join Scientology

Scientology has been ridiculed since it was established, but many people are still attracted to its teachings. There must be some good reasons why people buy the principles, teachings, and beliefs of this religion. So what makes it so attractive?

Because it offers workable solutions or technologies to problems people face on a constant basis.
Scientology offers solutions that have been proven, according to Scientologists, to have worked in their lives. As a member once said, it enables members to create better realities and improve his and other's current conditions. For members, Scientology teaches them how to best face the dilemmas in their life and how to best overcome them. For the burdened, Scientology gives the solutions.

Among the many workable technologies that Scientologists practice is auditing. Auditing is a process akin to spiritual counseling; it helps the member answer questions about himself, his environment and the universe. In many ways, this process tries to create a better understanding for the individual as well as higher spiritual enlightenment.

Because it gives reverence to man and his capabilities.
Scientology emphasizes that man is more than combination of chemicals, cells and electrical networks. He is a being that is capable of omniscience, limitless capabilities, and unquestionable good. He is a spiritual being.

While many world religions uphold the same belief that man is a spiritual being, Scientology takes it to another higher level. It claims that man has capabilities in its higher spiritual awareness to become godlike. With sufficient training and use of scientology-based methodologies, man as a physical being will be able to transcend this physical world and become one with a higher power.

Scientologists believe that the physical body of a man is the shell for the thetan or life force within it. This life force is part of the universe, thus innately, man has the powers the universe possesses. By undergoing the many different technologies Scientology uses, it is possible to release this inner thetan to become a man of various capabilities and spiritual enlightenment.

Because it restores man's native capabilities.
Man is essentially good, armed with limitless creativity, and is capable of resolving his own problems. These are the three fundamental beliefs of scientology. This religion tries to restore all that was originally man's. With scientology's workable technologies, it can heal the deterioration man has undergone and restore him back to his original nature.

Because it allows people to work for the greater good.
Although there are widely publicized claims about how corrupt and deceitful this religious cult is, many are still attracted to what the religion teaches about working towards the greater good. As was previously said, the religion provides avenues for people to create better realities. It also teaches people how to help change the human condition. These teachings are apparent in the members' participation in helping the unfortunate, the victims of tragedies, and in helping rebuild the lives of those affected by severe calamities in other parts of the world.

These are also apparent in the everyday efforts of the religion's members to change the world one person at a time.









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